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Jun 21 '12

Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to officially recommend the new Popeye comic book to all you sailorman fans! In my opinion, series writer Roger Langridge does a great job of capturing the spirit and humor of the original strips, and delivering comic book-length stories that “feel” like classic Popeye. He’s also a great cartoonist and I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed to see him write and draw stories in future issues (dig his sharp cover art for #2)!

The highlight for me so far is the Sappo backup story in issue #2, illustrated by Tom Neely (who also has a tumblr). Having him draw Popeye is a no-brainer (as evidenced by some of his self-published comics) and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing his name on the cover again soon!

These are published by IDW, and issue #3 is due out July 4th at your favorite comics retailer. If they’ve sold out of the first two, ask them to order them for you! At the time of this post, both are available at Diamond for reorder.

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